21/07/23 Evan Group Plc Insolvency Petition to the Düsseldorf Court (“Insolvenzantrag”) of June 2023

Corporate News

10/21/23 Swiss Merchant Group AG Arranges Green Bond Senior secured Issue for DiokGreenEnergy

10/11/23 Swiss Merchant Group AG issues an 8% Swiss franc bond with a 5-year term and monthly interest payments

22/08/23 Swiss Merchant Group AG (“SMG”): Intended Transaction of Cardea Corporate Holdings Inc. “Cardea” and Global Blockchain Acquisition Corp “GBBK”

21/07/23 Swiss Merchant Group AG (“SMG”): Misinformation and New Findings from the Evan Group plc Insolvency Petition

03/07/2023 Swiss Merchant Group AG: Swiss Merchant Group issues a three years Swiss Francs 8% Coupon Convertible Loan for its Green-Certificated-Investments.

22/06/2023 Swiss Merchant Group AG (“SMG”) announces that it questions the legal grounds for the insolvency application submitted by EVAN GROUP PLC (“EVAN”) and is prepared to take necessary legal action, if required, to challenge this application

17/07/2022 Swiss Merchant Group AG («SMG») as the largest bondholder is backing the restructuring initiative of EVAN Group plc (ISIN DE000A19L426) pursuant to the German Restructuring Act (StaRUG)

18/11/2021 Swiss Merchant Group AG has acquired a 9,9% equity stake in the US Asset & Wealth Management Group CARDEA Corporate Holding, Inc.

07/12/2020 Swiss Merchant Group AG: DESIAG Deutsche Supermarkt Immobilien AG Bond Investment DE000A3H2ZP5

17/06/2020 Swiss Merchant Group AG: Bond Reimbursement CH0323874260 and Bond New Issue ISN DE000A28X299

05/04/2019 Swiss Merchant Group AG: Equity Participation and Debt Financing of DIOK Real Estate AG

24/07/2017 Swiss Merchant Group AG: Equity Participation and Debt Financing of Evan Group Plc

Swiss Merchant Group AG

is a private investment firm based in Kastanienbaum, Switzerland. SMG holds private direct investments along mega-trends and manages a portfolio of Fixed Income instruments. SMG lead- and co-invests, arranges capital syndicates, underwrites and originates across all forms of capital (private equity, private debt, public debt- and equity- markets).

TIN: CHE-113.428.313

LEI: 213800NG8E5QSYB49J42 


Swiss Merchant Group AG

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