We seek out opportunities created by inefficient capital structures, event-driven distress and asset-level difficulties that can be acquired at a significant discount in Switzerland, continental Europe and rest of the World. Fixed income securities or bonds play a vital role in our concentrated portfolio management strategy, providing an important source of capital stability, income, liquidity and diversification.

Corporate debt and securities has been a core investment strategy since we were founded in 2007. We invest in countries within Europe and rest of the World at all levels of the capital structure – from debt (first lien bank debt, second lien loans and high yield bonds) to undervalued listed equities.

We seek to be a constructive force in the change management process, working with management and business owners when and where appropriate to help maximize the potential for long-term business success and sustainable profit margins, meeting our bondholders expectations.

Portfolio Management

65% Investment Grade

44% Europe, 24% MENA, 12% NA, Rest LATAM, Asia
Primary and secondary trading, prop-book

2022 Figures

DCM Turnover: USD 1’4 billion

Primary Underwriting USD 430 million
Secondary Underwriting: USD 155 million

Swiss Merchant Group AG

is a private investment firm based in Kastanienbaum, Switzerland. SMG holds private direct investments along mega-trends and manages a portfolio of Fixed Income instruments. SMG lead- and co-invests, arranges capital syndicates, underwrites and originates across all forms of capital (private equity, private debt, public debt- and equity- markets).

TIN: CHE-113.428.313

LEI: 213800NG8E5QSYB49J42 


Swiss Merchant Group AG

Villa Krämerstein
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6047 Kastanienbaum


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